Our staff have over 25 years experience in developing bespoke business software. Clients include Panasonic, DHL, the NHS and many small to medium sized businesses. We design robust database solutions that will stand the test of time and are always available if changes are required.

Our philosophy is that software should fit the business, not the other way around. As such we aim to develop bespoke business solutions which offer long-term software flexibility.

Specialising in database development we utilise MS Access or SQL Server depending on the requirement and scale of the project.

When working on development projects we aim to:

  • Work closely with clients and their staff throughout development cycle
  • Realise the clients vision as closely as possible
  • Create user friendly and intuitive software to minimise on training/cross-training
  • Remove manual process that would benefit from automation

At iCef Solutions Ltd we strive to give the best service possible and understand that every business model has its own intricacies that many off-the-shelf packages fail to cater for. This often leads to businesses being forced to change their business model to fit the software they are using. This in turn can force staff to ‘work around’ the software costing businesses time and money. We are firm believers that businesses benefit from having software built around their core working practices therefore improving productivity and growth.

The assumed cost of implementation can deter some companies from considering bespoke software for their business. A low cost base allows us to be highly competitive and we also do not charge for an initial consultation to discuss the project. With this in mind there is no harm in contacting us to discus your requirement.

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Please contact us here if you would like to discuss a software project.