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Providing pain relief for businesses since 2012

Software Development

C# and ASP.NET office and web based software development for businesses looking to streamline their processes

Database Development

Scalable C# and ASP.NET office and web based software development built upon SQL Server database technology

Microsoft Access Development

Microsoft Access Database development, upgrading and Support

Remote Working

iCef Solutions specialises in creating secure web-based database applications giving users the flexibility to securely work from any location

Software Development

At iCef Solutions our primary aim is to create happy clients by developing custom software systems that realise the client’s vision. We also provide comprehensive support packages for completed projects to give our clients the peace of mind that we will be there for them when they need us. This way we remain confident in the knowledge that our clients will return to us if they need further development expertise. iCef Solutions has been successfully achieving this aim since 2012 and are committed to continuing to create happy clients far into the future.

Remote Office/Working from Home

In the current climate it is becoming more and more important to be able to access business systems from outside of the business premises. As there is uncertainty to how the business environment of the future will look it is ever more important to have flexibility in the ways that staff can perform their duties and business decision makers can keep their fingers on the pulse of the business.

iCef solutions since it’s inception has specialised in creating secure software systems that are accessible from any location that has access to an internet connection. This does not mean that anyone can access our systems, we provide peace of mind that your data is safe through secure logins and if required we can also restrict system access to specific locations as an added reassurance.

If you would like to discuss the creation of a remotely accessible software system please contact us here to let us know about your requirement. We provide an initial consultation with no obligation because we do not agree with aggressive sales tactics and prefer to win business on merrit and the confidence that you will receive the software system you need. 


Our Primary Tools:

.NET and SQL Server

.NET and SQL Server when used in combination can be used to create solid business solutions which will be supported for years to come. iCef Solutions specialises in ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server Web and Office based solutions to create user friendly software systems that can scale with the business growing alongside and complimenting the business processes rather than fighting against them the way that off-the-shelf packages sometimes can.

Although .NET and SQL server are the mainstay of our development tools we employ additional techologies as and when appropriate to compliment the development if will enhance system robustness, performance or the user’s experience.

If you are interested in discussing a business requirement please leave us a short message here and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly

Microsoft Access

We also have extensive expertise with Microsoft Access databases. Microsoft Access databases often created by businesses, often by a member of staff who learns the basics of MS Access development, to achieve a business requirement. Often these applications grow over time and then either the staff member leaves or becomes too busy to maintain the appliation which has grown to become much more than originally intended and offers functionality critical for the day-to-day running of the business.

If this sounds familliar then we are here to help. Feel free to copmplete the brief form here and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly.

Development Goals

When working on development projects we aim to:

  • Work closely with clients and their staff throughout development cycle to ensure we realise the clients vision as closely as possible
  • Create user friendly and intuitive software to minimise on training/cross-training
  • Remove manual process that would benefit from automation
  • Provide affordable on-going support packages for continued peace of mind

Having developed software solutions for businesses across a wide range of business sectors we excel at quickly understanding client requirements and creating solutions that reflect the client’s vision.

Regardless of scale or complexity of your software need, we have the expertise to help. Please contact us here if you would like one of our helpful client liason staff to contact you to discuss your requirement. There is no charge and no obligation for an initial consultation.

Some examples of our work...

Stock Management System

Stock Management System

Bespoke end-to-end stock management system developed for a multi-store Carpet Sales company allowing users to track stock from Purchase Order to Invoice. System caters for tracked and non-tracked (Pool) stock and includes a comprehensive reporting suite.

Care Plan Management System

Care Plan Management System

Developed for a local domiciliary care provider the Careplan Manager allows users to record and store client and assessment data from which care plans can be generated. Multiple tools and features exist to aid in the correct completion of care plans including automatic alerts for missing/required data.

Cost Tracking Application

Cost Tracking Application

Created for a Solicitors based in the South East this web based application allows users to enter and track case time, costs and expenses which the system will then use to create client bills. Accessible both in-office and remotely by authorised users, the system allows staff to enter expense data while on the move.


  • We have just completed a major overhaul of our Sales CRM with iCef Solutions. We are very happy with the results, and we know that any future upgrades will be handled quickly and efficiently.

    Nick Connolly
  • iCef Solutions is a very smart and talented company. Great style, design and service.

    G Maye
  • Cannot rate these people highly enough. Always on time and great solutions.
    Ian from Carpet Force

    Ian McNiven

a few of the companies we have helped

About Us

Our staff have over 25 years experience in developing bespoke business software. Clients include Panasonic, DHL, the NHS and many small to medium sized businesses. We design robust database solutions that will stand the test of time and are always available if changes are required.

Our philosophy is that software should fit the business, not the other way around. As such we aim to develop bespoke business solutions which offer long-term software flexibility.

Specialising in database development we utilise MS Access or SQL Server depending on the requirement and scale of the project.

When working on development projects we aim to:

  • Work closely with clients and their staff throughout development cycle
  • Realise the clients vision as closely as possible
  • Create user friendly and intuitive software to minimise on training/cross-training
  • Remove manual process that would benefit from automation

At iCef Solutions Ltd we strive to give the best service possible and understand that every business model has its own intricacies that many off-the-shelf packages fail to cater for. This often leads to businesses being forced to change their business model to fit the software they are using. This in turn can force staff to ‘work around’ the software costing businesses time and money. We are firm believers that businesses benefit from having software built around their core working practices therefore improving productivity and growth.

The assumed cost of implementation can deter some companies from considering bespoke software for their business. A low cost base allows us to be highly competitive and we also do not charge for an initial consultation to discuss the project. With this in mind there is no harm in contacting us to discus your requirement.

You can read our Data Protection Policy here and our Privacy Policy here.

Please contact us here if you would like to discuss a software project.

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